Gemstone Properties

Argarwood - a positive influence on mental and emotional well-being.

Agate - Inner Strength, Balance, protects, relieve stress.

Aquamarine - Balance, luck, Communication, happiness, protection,fearlessness.

Amazonite - Courage and overcome loneliness, Trust, Inspires truth, Self-love, Communication, Integrity, and Clarity.

Amethyst-   Calming, Balance, Patience and Peace.

Apatite- Independence,Motivation, Ambition and Personal Power.

Aquamarine- Protection, Courage, Peace, and Communication.

Aventurine- Wealth, Health and Good Fortune.

Bronzite- Grounding, Protection , and Rooting

Bloodstone - purify, detoxify, grounding, cleansing. brings love into any situation.

Carnelian- Love, Sensuality and Courage.

Chrysocolla- Peace and Compassion.

Citrine- Energy, Prosperity and Joy.

Coral-  Absorbs Negative Energy, Protection, Love and Passion

Crazy Lace Agate - Laughter Stone, happiness.

Dragon Vein Agate- Creative Visualization, Energy and Strength.

Dolomite - energetic mind, unique creative expression and patience.

Dalmatian Jasper- Grounding, Clarity and Loyalty.

Fluorite- calming, relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Mental Clarity, and protection.

Fancy Jasper- Well-being and Confidence

Gray Agate- Grounding and Balance.

Garnet- Love, Emotional Harmony, Vitality and Passion.

Goldstone – The bonds of friendship, and Ambition Ingenuity.

Howlite- Brings Calm, Patience, Ambitions, decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety

Hematite- Grounding, Protection and Positive.

Iron Pyrite-  Energy and Self-Worth.

Jasper-  Support and Determination. Balance, nurturer and eliminates negative energies.

Jade-  Luck, tranquility and wisdom.

Lava -  Energy, Strength and Courage.

Labradorite- Protective and Positive

Larvikite- Grounding, Protective, Patience

Lapis Lazuli- Peace and Clarity.

Magnesite- Calming and Self – Worth

Malachite- Protection and Purifying

Moonstone- Divine, Harmony and Feminine Ocean Jasper - strength, Peace, wisdom, health, balance 

Obsidian- New Horizon, Growth and Soul Purpose. 

Onyx- Balancing and Energy

Pearl- Purity, Honesty, Integrity, Concentration, Focus, Meditation, Tranquility, Wisdom.

Peridot- Healing, Purification, Rebirth, Growth, Relaxation, Comfort, Intuition

Picasso Jasper - creativity, helps with change and renews lost friendships.

 Quartz- Amplification, Cleansing, Healing, Power, Energy.

Rose Quartz- stone of the heart, compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments.

Rhodonite - guidance.

Rhyolite- Encourages Change and Openness.

Riverstone- Energizing, Accelerates and Balances Processes of Change

Rudraksha Seed – Clarity, Self Confidence and Courage.

Shell- Intuition, Sensitivity, Imagination and Adaptability.

Sunstone - strength, clarity, abundance, reduce stress, and protection.

Shell- Intuition, Sensitivity, Imagination and Adaptability

Snowflake Obsidian-  Stone of Clarity

Smokey quartz- Serenity, Calmness, Positive thoughts , Calms fear , Lifts depression, Stability, Practicality , Intuition, Pride.

Serpentine- clarity and insight

Silver- Intuition and Connect our physical and spiritual energy

Sodalite- Clarity, Rational Thought and Intuition

Sea sediment Jasper- love, clarity, Peace, stability, protection

Tourmaline Quartz – Protection and Reduces Anxiety.

Tiger Eye-  Protection, Mental Focus, Confidence and Will Power

Tibetan Agate – Healing, Cleansing, Strength, Power and Courage

 Tree Agate – Inner Peace and Strength

Topaz- Balancing, Calming and Creativity

Unakite- Unconditional love, Connection and Balance


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