What is a Mala?

The word "Japa mala" or "Mala" is Sanskrit in origin and translates to "garland" or "necklace".  It was created to assist in meditation.  A Mala is normally composed of 108 beads, the Guru, and the pendant or tassel.

Why 108 beads?

Practitioners of Buddhism believed that 108 virtues and 108 defilements were what governed our spirit.  Every new year a bell is rung 108 time to celebrate the new year and bring luck and wisdom.  They're are many interpretations of the numerical value 108, from astrological to physiological.


How do I use a Mala?

When used in meditation: hold the string of beads between your middle finger and your thumb and repeat a mantra or affirmation one time for every bead as you pass the Mala through your fingers.  While you wear the beads it connects with your memory of what your intention was, brings you awareness of that state of mind, and is a positive visual link for your memory of previous meditated mantras. The same can be said of Mala bracelets which people like to wear while doing yoga or meditation as it brings you awareness to guide your intent throughout the day.  Even if you don’t practice yoga or meditate you can still use these Mala necklaces or bracelets as a reminder of what you wanted to achieve and guide you in the most positive way. For myself they bring me to a calm and zen state of mind.

Will it look exactly like the picture?

Due to the uniqueness of each gemstone they may have small discrepancies from stone to stone.  The result is each piece is distinct in it's appearance while maintaining the highest quality.